Amphitheater Unified School Board (Vote for two): Susan Zibrat AND Matt Kopec
Marana Unified School Board (Vote for two): Abbie Hlavacek AND Kathryn Mikronis
Tucson Unified School Board (Vote for two): Jennifer Eckstrom, William Soland, Rebecca Zapien, Brieanna Chillious, Luis Armando Gonzales
Tanque Verde: Beth Peterson (but hasn’t committed to Public School Proud. Check back later)
Vail: No recommendation
Oracle: Donna Pedota, Wendy Odell


For detail and rationale go here and open the Ballot Guide and scroll down to last items on the document. Source: CEBV


Prop 128 – Voter Protection Act / Court determinations. NO This legislature wants us to let them monkey with voter-approved laws on the grounds that we should trust them and this state Supreme Court to respect our wishes? The same legislature and court we’ve spent election cycle after election cycle fighting? Yeah, sure. Don’t be fooled into voting your own rights away.

Prop 129 – Initiatives, single subject title. NO This legislature wants us to let them restrict our rights to direct democracy? The same legislature we have to go around in order to get anything decent through? Don’t be fooled into voting your own rights away.

Prop 130 – constitutional property tax exemptions. NO This legislature has done its best to run our government into the ground. There’s no good reason to give them new powers to start chipping away at state tax law.

Prop 131 – Lieutenant Governor; joint ticket: NO. Spends taxpayer money on something voters don’t want. Enables cronyism and corruption. We’re doing just fine without a lieutenant governor; there’s no reason to change our current setup.

Prop 132 – Initiatives; supermajority vote; requirement: NO. Arizona’s founders created the direct democracy process for a reason. Now a handful of crooked lawmakers wants us to limit our own rights? Do they think we were born yesterday?

Prop 209 (Predatory debt collection protection act): YES. It makes no sense to bankrupt someone to try to force them to pay their debt back. Prop 209 will allow people to retain enough assets to get back on their feet.

Find Out How 209 Affects Medical Debt

Prop 211 (Voters’ Right to Know Act / Stop Dark Money): YES. A no-brainer. We should have the right to know who funds political campaigns in Arizona.

Find Out About Dark Money

Prop 308 (tuition; postsecondary education): YES. Strip away the nativist, white supremacist rhetoric and it’s easy to see this is a win for everyone.

Prop 309 – Voter identification; affidavit; procedure: NO. Voting is the most basic right in our democracy. It should be free, fair, and easy. Bad ideas like this one only create unnecessary hurdles that keep people from the polls.

Prop 310 (fire districts; funding; TPT increment): YES. Just one-tenth of a penny will ensure our fire district firefighters and paramedics have the staffing, equipment, and training necessary to protect public safety statewide. That one-tenth of a penny could end up saving your life someday.

See why Firefighters and Fire Districts need more money.


U.S. Senate: Mark Kelly
U.S House Representative (CD6): Kristen Engel
AZ Governor: Katie Hobbs
AZ Secretary of State: Adrian Fontes
AZ Attorney General: Kris Mayes
AZ State Treasurer: Martin Quezada
AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction: Kathy Hoffman
Corporation Commission (Vote for two): Sandra Kennedy & Lauren Kuby
LD17 State Senate: Mike Nickerson
LD17 State House (Vote for two): Dana Allmond AND Brian Radford
Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court: Gary Harrison


Listing only those to VOTE NO. Vote to retain all others.

Arizona Supreme Court: William Montgomery (NO)
Pima County Superior Court Judges: Vote to retain all.
Pinal County Superior Court Judges: Steven Fuller (Yes to retain with strong reservations).
Vote to retain all others.